Games in Waggington

  • Splashing Daisies ( in the pond)
  • Match 'N Munch (around The Humble Pie Shop)
  • Sky High Ball Bounce (near Laughing Labs)
  • Bop and Balloons (behind LPS TV)
  • Low tide treasures (in Waggington Beach)
  • Connect 4 (behind The Humble Pie Shop)
  • Fruitista Fetch (at the orchard)
  • Scenic Safari (near Arts and Crafts center)

Games in Kittywood

  • Party Dasher (near Good Thyme Market)
  • Fashionation (next to Kittywood Boutique)
  • Whale Surfing (in Kittywood Beach)
  • Connect 4 ( near Party Dasher, in Sugar and Sights Bar Lookout and in the Connect 4 Area)
  • Harmony's Dance Challange (in Sassy Steps)
  • Sparklynn's Gem Swap (next to the Golden Birdcage)
  • Secnic Safari (next to Wooly Couture)
  • Pets on Parade (at Promenade of Pets)